A Simple Automatic Drip Irrigation System

Works by reacting to the weight of the plant, thus maintaining the fully watered weight at all times.

Every Economy 6 Pack, now comes with a FREE Extra Coil kit allowing for extra versatility and flexibility! 

Read the Plant Booster testimonial

Hi Daan,

I just thought I'd send you a quick update...

I installed the first 2 of your devices on hanging baskets at my house and they have had a baptism of fire... literally. We've had the driest dustiest weather in over 10 years with hot, dry, strong winds coming straight in from the center of Australia. Added to that there have been a lot of devastating bush fires to the west of us so the air has been filled with dust and smoke. I'm very happy to say that your Plant Booster system has performed exceptionally well. The hanging baskets are quite large and all the plants in them are happy and healthy and none the worse for the horrible weather (wish I could say the same for the rest of my garden). They are working gravity fed from a 40 liter tank. What I realised is that one of their best features is, when configured correctly, the baskets don't drip which is a real benefit if you have them above wooden deck floors as dripping hanging baskets really degrade the wooden decking quickly in our climate.

Thanks for a great product !

I'm a very happy customer.

Tonia A, Everton Park, Queensland, Australia

  • NOT subject to summer watering restrictions

  • Optimal soil moisture at all times

  • Ideal for planters & hanging baskets

  • Gravity or pressure fed

  • Never over waters or under waters

  • Simple drip watering system

  • Can be used indoors, with water fed by gravity from a reservoir, like a vase

  • Improves plant health, extends life

  • Complete individual plant care

  • Uses any faucet or water source

  • No electronic components

  • Automatic drip irrigation system

  • Significantly boosts flowering

  • Easy to install

One Amazingly Simple Product With Three Different Uses!

Spot the circled Plant Booster devices in the images below.

plant booster drip irrigation kit for hanging baskets

plant booster drip irrigation kit used with planter

plant booster drip irrigation kit used with fence basket planter

part of the Plant Booster drip irrigation kit

"It is so easy, so simple, we should have thought of it before"
- Renowned horticulturist and broadcaster Brian Minter about the Plant Booster drip irrigation kit.

"Our system has worked without a problem for 2 years. If you travel some, it will provide peace of mind without having family or friends do any watering. once it is set, you can forget about it all summer."

Eldon Friesen

"I am a satisfied customer.   I bought the Economy 6 Pack in May 2017, and we love it!   We have 5 hanging baskets being watered and they are all doing great.  We have one hanging basket on our deck that gets big sun and big wind and we were never able to keep that hanging basket alive -- until now.  It survived the winter and we added a few plugs to fill it out and now it looks like new again.  These baskets cost between $50 and $100 so our investment in your products is a very good deal for us.

This new order is for my son's house where they continue to pay big money for hanging baskets and then allow them to die because they are too busy to water them - kids!  Keep up the good work, Daan."

Douglas Denney,  Sammamish, Washington

"I love this product. It's simple and robust. My hanging baskets get all the water they need all season long."

Mark Waldron