Carefree Plant Booster Self Watering Systems

A revolution in outdoor hanging basket and planter watering

  • Optimal soil moisture at all times

  • Ideal for planters & hanging baskets

  • Uses any faucet or water source

  • Gravity or pressure fed

  • Never over waters or under waters

  • Improves plant health, extends life

  • Automatic individual plant care

  • No electronic components

  • Significantly boosts flowering

  • Simple to install

One Amazingly Simple Product With Three Different Uses!

plant booster used with hanging basket

plant booster with planter

"It is so easy, so simple, we should have thought of it before "

- Renowned horticulturalist and broadcaster Brian Minter.

"Our system has worked without a problem for 2 years. If you travel some, it will provide peace of mind without having family or friends do any watering. once it is set, you can forget about it all summer."

Eldon Friesen

"I love this product. It's simple and robust. My hanging baskets get all the water they need all season long."

Mark Waldron