Greenhouses & Gardening Using Drip Irrigation Design

Check out some of the ideas and inspiration we have put together on this page. Any greenhouse plants can be cared for using the Plant Booster system. Our automatic drip system irrigation can be used to enhance your greenhouse with a self watering system. This will take away the worry of how and when your plants will be watered.  Because there is no over-spray, or more water used than each plant can actually use, the Plant Booster drip system design not only reduces water use, it also makes all your plants and flowers healthier and more robust. The Plant Booster self watering kits use drip line irrigation that can be simply attached to the outside water source of your home or it can set up to be a gravity fed system. When you go away on vacation during those hot summer months the Plant Booster system makes sure your flowers, vegetables and plants are always given just the right amount of water.  Make your greenhouse gardening watering worry free by using the Plant Booster.

drip irrigation design for drip system irrigation

Above is a concept for a 20 pot greenhouse arrangement that shows how the Plant booster self watering system could be used for large scale applications using drip irrigation design. We can help with your drip line irrigation needs be they a small operation or large. Please give us a call at 604.762.7247.