Ideas for Fence & Wall Planters

The Plant Booster self watering system really helps simplify the care and maintenance of planters mounted on fences or walls. Check out some of the great ideas and inspiration we have put together on this page. Any of these fence planters can be cared for using the Plant Booster system. Our automatic drip hose irrigation system can be used to turn your any of your fence baskets into self watering fence baskets. Our drip irrigation system for fence baskets not only reduces water use, it also makes your plants and flowers healthier and more robust. The Plant Booster self watering kit uses drip line irrigation that can be simply attached to the outside water source of your home (or it can set up to be a gravity drip irrigation system). When you go away on vacation during those hot summer months the Plant Booster system makes sure your flowers and plants are always given just the right amount of water.  Make your fence or wall mounted baskets worry free by using the Plant Booster Self Watering System.

drip hose irrigation can be used for your fence planters

you can use a gravity drip irrigation system for your fence planters

fence mounted planter baskets

With hand watering or a typical irrigation system all it takes is one slip up... forgetting to water, or a malfunction of an electronic controller and your investment of time and money in making your beautiful fence or wall mounted baskets can be at risk of being wasted. With the Plant Booster system (which is always on), each basket gets the water it needs, when it needs it. Whether you remember or not, our unique system of drip hose irrigation  for watering baskets brings great relief for those wanting to get away for the weekend or even a few weeks vacation.  Using the Plant Booster Self Watering System means you never need to worry about how to make sure the outdoor plants stay watered.