Growing Cannabis Using the Plant Booster Self Watering System

Simple Mechanical Solutions Ltd is not an expert in growing Cannabis, but rather an expert in watering container plants like hanging baskets and planters with its Plant Booster system.  Marijuana is just another plant which needs water.

There are no set rules on watering cannabis.  Cannabis is a plant like any other plant you might grow.

Cannabis grows fast and drinks a lot of water. Yet, over watering can kill these plants very quickly.

Being recently legalized for Canadians to grow their own Cannabis plants at home, the Plant Booster Self Watering System might well come in handy.

There is much advice available online on how to grow and tend for your marijuana plants.  Google search terms like “How to grow Marijuana”, or similar, for more information.

The common advice readily available on the internet for growing cannabis typically is as follows:

  • The most important thing to remember during this phase is to not over water. Cannabis plants are very susceptible to fungal root diseases when conditions are too wet, and over watering is one of the most common mistakes made by the beginner grower. How often you water your plants will depend on the medium used, size of the plants, and ambient temperature. Some people will wait until the lower leaves of the plant start to droop slightly before watering.
  • A trick is to touch the soil with the back of your fingers. Does it feel slightly cool? It means there is enough water left. But if it feels warm you need to give water.
  • If your plants suddenly have their leaves hanging down, it probably means they are dangerously thirsty. Give water and the leaves go back to normal.
  • Excess water should be able to drain out of the pots.
  • Don’t leave your plants stand in water, they may drown.

For consistent and quickest results Marijuana plants require a lot of good quality light. So, while it is perfectly feasible to grow the plants outdoors, the availability of consistent and full sunshine days is variable, and consequently so will the resulting production of crop.  Indoor cannabis growing offers the ability to manage the lighting, temperature and watering conditions year-round.

growing cannabis at home

growing cannabis using drip irrigation

The Plant Booster Self Watering System can be easily applied to give water to your plants as an when they need it.  Since the plants grow large quite quickly so some minor adjustments may be necessary once a week or so, but the daily worrying of whether your precious plants are well watered day to day can be avoided this way.  As different from watering your plants by hand, which may be a little hit or miss in frequency and timing, but also variable in the quantity of water given to each plant, with the Plant Booster Self Watering System  you can introduce a lot more consistency to the process of watering.

Simply set the device to water at the weight of the well watered plant, and that is that.

Instead of your plants wondering when you will get back from work so they can enjoy a cool drink with you, they can now be watered as and when they need it.

The Plant Booster Self Watering System also lends itself well to a gravity water supply system, which is perfect for an indoor cannabis growing / watering application as there is no risk of an open water line running unattended inside the house, if you arrange the water supply to be via gravity and you add any nutrients you would like to give your plants directly into the water supply, then another step of looking after your plants can be simplified. Since there is no over spray or spillage, or dripping out of excess water, this means there is no wasting of valuable nutrients and fertilizer that have been added to each container.

Most people won’t think twice about the water they use on their plants; if you can drink it, it must be fine, right? Well, it may not be an issue, depending on your location, but some water contains a high amount of dissolved minerals that can build up in the root zone and affect nutrient uptake, or it may contain fungus or other pathogens that aren’t harmful to people but can lead to root disease.

Additionally, some places may have high levels of chlorine in the water supply, which can be harmful to beneficial soil microbes. For these reasons, many people choose to filter the water they use in their gardens.

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