Q16 – Are you having problems with hanging baskets spinning in the wind ?

Hanging baskets spinning in the wind can be a real problem, and can result in the device breaking.  The tendency to spin often occurs to baskets that are hung on the corner of a building.   Two things can happen.  The hook of the Plant Booster device can come under excessive strain, and the tube can end up twisted around the hanger as the basket spins.  Either issue can lead to a failure of the device, or the tube, or both.  If you must hang a basket in a location where the wind will tend to cause it to spin, then this problem can easily be solved by using a tether strap or chain from the basket to the wall to prevent the basket from rotating through more than say 90deg.  In addition to prevent the device hook from coming under excessive strain it is recommended to either use cable ties or swivel links such as in the pictures below.