Q24 – My water comes from a well. Is algae buildup in the small 1/8″ tube a problem?

If your water source is from a well, and if algae tends to grow easily in it, build-up, and eventual blocking of the small 1/8″ ID tubing is unfortunately a problem.

There are several solutions that could be tried:

A solution could be to run the system from a treated water source.

Another solution could involve using larger diameter tubing as the main water reticulation. While algae build-up would eventually also affect larger internal diameter tubing, it might buy time to plan for regular flushing cycles to blow out any algae build-up. Conveniently located ball valves would have to be designed into your reticulation system to facilitate this line clearing. The 1/8″ Plant Booster tubing could then be used only for a short length at each plant, and which would have to be replaced when blocked.